American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold Review

With all the sudden and violent shifts globally, it is necessary to consider putting a portion of our earned wealth into assets historically safe like silver and old. This is a guide to help us learn how we can diversify our savings using precious metals. It will help us understand why many Americans are shifting to physical silver and gold to protect wealth in these uncertain economic times.

American Hartford Gold Review

At a Glance:

Company Overview

The company is a privately-owned company based in Los Angeles, helping people invest in precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver both in coins and bars. We help clients achieve greater security of their wealth for the future by refuge and safety to their portfolio. We guarantee our investors 100% customer satisfaction by offering them high-quality silver and gold coins at competitive prices.

The leadership of our company is committed to ensuring fair prices and quality service provision. We provide the latest market information through our expertise in the industry. The data is meant to empower both new and experienced investors. We have a 5-star customer rating on several customer review platforms like Google and Trust Pilot. We have also been rated an A-plus company with Better Business Bureau. Our company has also been ranked 74 among the USA’s fastest-growing private financial service providers by INC 5000.

We are honored to be the only precious metals company to be trusted by Bill O’Reilly enough to recommend us to viewers, family, and friends.

Our mission at American Hartford Gold is to help clients and educate them on investing in the precious metals industry with fair dealings and complete transparency. We aim to give all our customers exceptional customer service with satisfaction and trust.

We encourage our clients to contact us when they desire to sell their precious metals by offering them our American Hartford Gold Buyback Commitment. We also provide a three-step liquidation process without charging any additional liquidation fees even though we are not in a legal position to guarantee that we will repurchase the metals.

Our executive leadership has dedicated itself to support the workforce and provide reliable services to our clients. Stanford Mann is the company’s chief executive officer who has had experience in the precious metal industry for over ten years. He is well known for his work ethic and professionalism.

Scott Gerlis is our president with over a decade of experience in silver and gold retail. He has committed himself to guide and educate people on how they can invest in precious metals to protect their retirement savings.

At American Hartford Gold, we love and understand our responsibility to the community, and for this reason, we love giving back to the community. The community gives us opportunities to thrive and grow; hence we consider it our obligation to support it. We give back through participating in volunteer work and financially supporting local and national organizations. We even take part in these organizations’ social activities by contributing towards the same. Our company endorses the following organizations: Wounded Warrior Project, Our House, The Claire Foundation, and The Midnight Mission.

Pros and Cons of Investing in the Company

There are several benefits of investing with our company. For starters, at American Hartford Gold, we place a high priority on quality customer service and customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver industry experts, quality customer service, current market research, and extensive historical investment information. We also have a buyback commitment plan that reduces our clients’ liquidation fees. Another benefit of investing with us is complete disclosure of costs before the final sale to our clients.

There is one way our clients are disadvantaged, which relates to the lack of price inclusion in the company’s online catalog and website. This has disadvantaged our clients because they can only get price information by directly contacting the company and not on the online platforms. There is also the aspect of investment risk related to the whole industry and not just the American Hartford Gold company.

Investment in gold and other precious materials IRAs carry high investment risk. Like other investments, past performance results are not a sure indicator of future performance results. For this reason, money can be lost. Before agreeing to invest, we advise clients to have a clear understanding of the associated fees.

How to Open an American Hartford Gold IRA

When working with a trusted partner like American Hartford Gold, starting a Gold IRA is easy. Opening an account involves some simple paperwork, transfer of funds, and selection of gold and silver products. To ensure privacy, security, and a complete understanding of the process, an account executive, will provide you with all the assistance in all the stages involved.

We recommend first-time gold investors and those who need special help in their transactions include us in their decision-making process as early as possible. We respond to all questions, and no question is too complicated or easy for us to answer.

With the help of our dedicated and qualified staff, it is easy to understand how to open an American Hartford Gold IRA. Investing in a Gold IRA involves three stages.

Open a self-directed IRA:

This is the first step to investing. At American Hartford Gold, we try as much as possible to make the process easy and painless, especially in terms of fees and costs. All types of retirement accounts are allowed to be converted to American Hartford Gold IRA. Others such as traditional and Roth IRAs like 403(B) and 401(K) annuities and TSPs are permitted to roll over into your gold IRA.

Fund the Gold IRA:

We make it easy to fund the account once it has been opened. In case of a new account, all you need is to transfer the money to us in a way that is convenient to you. Talk to one of our Account Executives when rolling over an IRA to ensure all the necessary steps are followed to the completion.

Purchase precious metals for the Gold IRA:

You are ready to purchase precious metals from our company once the account has been funded. To choose among the many approved products, call our Account executives at 800-462-0071 to help you with choosing. Our committed account executives will ensure the transfer or rollover is well conducted and on time. We assure our clients that we will watch over every detail of their transaction because we understand the importance of complete privacy and security.

Understand how to open an American Hartford Gold IRA account with the following easy steps.

  • First, complete our Gold IRA account form.
  • Next, decide on the amount of opening investment.
  • Lastly, open and fund the account with American Hartford Gold Group.

After 59.5 years, clients can liquidate precious materials IRA and either take possession of the metals or cash out. We recommend that our clients should hold the precious metals for at least 5 to 10 years because they are considered as long term investment.

We, therefore, do not recommend our customers investing capital they do not intend to hold for at least 5 years. Our clients understand and acknowledge that our company does not make any guarantee of making profits or prediction that the investment will not result in a loss at the end of the investment period.

Main Investments

American Hartford Gold Group provides with many ivestment options to choose from. Below are some of the options available for our investors that are all eligible for IRA.


Australian wildlife Gold- Minted in Australia by The Perth Mint the coin has .9999 metal purity and 25oz Gold content. It is available in 1\4 ounce and eligible for IRA for its purity and quality.


South African Kruggerrand- Minted by South African mint with 1 oz Gold content. It is eligible for IRA.


Gold Canadian Gyrfalcon Coin- Minted in Ottawa Canada by Royal Canadian Mint with 7.77g gold content and .9999metal purity. Its striking design captures the celebrated power of gyrfalcon.


1984 US Olympics Commemerative $10 Gold Coin- This coin was designed to commemorate the 1984 olympics in Los Angeles, Carlifonia. Minted in four different mint facilities in the US by US Mint manufacturer. The coin has a 90% gold content translating to 0.4837oz of gold. It is eligible for IRA.


Valcambi CombiBar Gold or Silver Bar- Minted in Balerna Switzerland by Valcambi Suisse. It cointains .9999 metal purity. Was created in 2010 to meet the growing demand for simplified trading, flexibility and easier storage.


American Gold Eagle Proof- It is the official bullion coin of the United States with the first gold coin coin being struck in 1986. These coins are respected worldwide and guaranteed by the federal government. They are highly liquid and easily traded for their undeniable purity and quality. They are minted in West Point facility by U.S Mint. It is eligible for IRA with .9167 gold content.


2014 Canadian Arctic Fox Gold Coin- Known as the white fox, the Canadian arctic fox is the smallest of the canid family. It is manufactured by the Royal Canadian mint with .9999 metal purity and o.25 troy oz gold content. It is the premium version of the .9999pure gold bullion of the Royal Canadiab Mint.


$5 Liberty Half Eagle- Designed by Christian Gobrecht, the chief engraver of the US mint in 1839.It is one of the most sought for coins in the market today. It was minted in Philadelphia, Charlotte and Dahlonegaby the US mint. The coin is an historic example of the high quality of th e US mint. It is available in $5 denominations with .900 metal purity translating to a total of .24187 troy ounces.

With all these options at your disposal, we recommend our customers to involve us in their decision making process so as to help them choose the best option available for them. We advice and encourage our clients to talk to our dedicated and determined account executives for the same.

American Hartford Gold Costs

We offer the best and customer-friendly prices for our clients and investors. There are also no shipping costs in our company up to $5,000 in free silver, including tracking and insurance. American Hartford Gold costs depend on the type of precious metal chosen, whether platinum gold or silver, and the dimension, whether bars or coins.

We do not charge fees to open a Gold IRA or roll over a retirement account to precious metal or Gold IRA. The company does not provide specific pricing information on the company’s website. Depending on the number of precious metals being stored and the size of the Gold IRA account, the Gold IRA storage fees can be waived for three years or longer. Our company does not have a minimum contribution amount of the Gold IRA.

We also have promotions on our websites like $1500 in silver and no account maintenance fees up to three years.

American Hartford Gold Review

Storage options for American Hartford Gold

The bars, coins, or bullions are stored in a depository approved by IRS since the Gold IRAs hold precious physical metals. The recommended and approved storage options for American Hartford Gold include International Depository Service IDS, Delaware Depository service, and Brinks Global Service, which are nationwide companies. The storage options for American Hartford Gold charge a storage fee of about $75.

Buy back commitment

All Gold IRA companies do not offer the buyback plan, but we have this plan here at America Hartford Gold. The American Hartford buyback commitment allows our clients to sell their precious metals. During this sale, additional fees are avoided for the fast three stages of liquidation.

Our company issues a payment after arranging for the gold and other precious metals shipment. If you want to take advantage of the American Hartford Gold BuyBack Commitment, contact our account executives to know if you are eligible for the same. This plan will increase the convenience while saving your money on fees.

Customer support

Clients can access most of our comprehensive information on our company’s website. Information on the precious metals catalog and other related sources are available on the website.

These resources include:

We encourage our clients to ask questions and seek any form of clarification since American Hartford Gold IRA customer support consists of devoted and dedicated staff ready to serve you and respond to all your questions.

Any other information that is not found on our website can be gotten from American Hartford Gold IRA customer support for clarification.


Majority of American Hartford Gold Complaints relate to the fluctuation of precious metals’ prices other than the company itself. This is because we have continuously strived to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services.


For this reason, we have received an A rating from the nonprofit Business Consumer Alliance and an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company has also been accredited 4.7 stars out of the possible five stars by the consumer affairs and customer reviews.


Trust pilot has also rated our company five stars and 9.6 out of 10 based on customer reviews by Trust score. Our company consistently receives good reviews as opposed to receiving complaints from customers. American Hartford Gold complaints are not very many, and we receive no complaints in most cases. All these can be attributed to the quality service that we deliver to our clients.


Retirement planning is important to ensure a secured future. At American Hartford Gold, we aim to ensure our client’s financial well-being by varying their hard-earned wealth and assets with precious metals and Gold IRAs. We are well equipped with information for our customers about investing in precious metals. Make us your Gold IRA and partner and enjoy all the benefits of storing your assets in precious metals with one of the most re-known and promising precious metals industry today. Visit our official website or call our account executives for more information.
Cornerstone Bullion

Cornerstone Bullion Review

Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital Review

Who is Lexi Capital?

Lexi Capital is an investment company based in the United States. The company specializes in purchasing and selling precious metals and coins. The firm provides you with a way to transfer your retirement to a Precious Metals or Gold IRA.  The company was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2010 while developing a business plan for a UCLA class project .

After securing the first-prize, Lexi Capital was established to help investors with fluctuations in the silver and gold markets. Investors are provided with insights into the market by IRA Gold experts to use gold as a recession-proof asset. The focus of the founders was to establish a business plan while exploring precious metals’ potential. The idea is to help maximize your profits during the course of your life.

Lexi Capital Contact Details

Lexi Capital Contact Details are as follows.

1340 Environ Way, #13409
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
(800) 473-1213

Lexi Capital Ratings & Complaints

Ratings & ComplaintsSince the company was established, clients have received the same high-quality service. Lexi Capital Ratings & Complaints include:

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with no complaints filed during the past three years.
  • AAA rating with the BCA with no complaints filed during the past three years.
  • Five-star rating with TrustLink
  • Five-star rating with Google

Investing in Precious Metals with Lexi Capital

The only precious metals available through Lexi Capital are silver and gold. Generally speaking, the demand for these precious metals is higher for both international and domestic markets in comparison to other precious metals. The focus of the company is providing clients with the most reliable and highest returns.  The specialty of the firm is Gold IRA rollovers and establishing Silver and Gold IRAs . Other investments can be placed in your account including:

  • Deeds, trusts and real estate
  • Real estate investment trusts, closely-held stocks, and promissory notes
  • IRS-approved precious metals, tax liens and mortgages
  • Limited liability companies and private limited partnerships

The IRA custodian for Lexi Capital is STRATA Trust. This is a well-respected and reliable Gold IRA custodian. When you consult with the company, you can discuss your choice of custodians.  The firm offers a large variety of coins including special editions, semi-numismatics and numismatics . The company focuses on the differences in investing and collecting. If you are a novice, this is extremely important.

The company provides news feeds on its official website including silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Although basic, the website is well-designed without a lot of distractions. Bonuses are offered for converting or opening an IRA.

The Gold Assurance Plan

Both silver and gold are generally a good option for diversification regarding retirement savings. Keep in mind, there are often fluctuations in the price of precious metals. For this reason, the company offers investors the Gold Assurance Plan. This unique option provides investors with a buffer for their IRA accounts from economic and global situations.

The plan provides investors with price protection for six months with a maximum of $500 for each ounce of silver and gold coins. An additional fee is required to include bullion products. If you have any questions, an experienced advisor is available. The specifics of silver and gold investments are explained to help you select the right assets for your retirement.

Pricing and Fees

One of the best advantages of opening a Precious Metals IRA is the straightforward fee structure.  Lexi Capital is transparent with all fees upfront . The fee to set up your IRA is $80. Administrative fees are $95 per year and yearly storage fees are $100. This means the cost of establishing an IRA and conducting business with Lexi Capital is just $275 for the first year.

Available Storage Options

If you are purchasing precious metals as a personal investment, Lexi Capital will deliver your purchase directly to your home. If you are opening a Gold IRA, you will be unable to store your precious metals at home due to IRS regulations. The company has two main storage providers, the Delaware Depository and Brinks. Several companies recommend storing precious metals in Deleware because the tax and business laws are more favorable for investors.

Depending on the type of investment, you can choose to store your precious metals at a secure storage facility or at home. If you intend to have your precious metals delivered to your home, the shipping fee is $14.95 for all orders less than $15,000. If you purchase precious metals for your IRA and store them at home you are breaking IRS guidelines and your IRA will be considered invalid.

The chief custodian for Lexi Capital is IRA Services Inc. If you prefer, you can select the storage facility of your choice. We recommend using one of the options offered by Lexi Capital because they are among the most respected and largest options available in the industry.

Lexi Capital Benefits

The company offers you a wide range of benefits you will appreciate including:

Investor Education:

Investing always comes with a certain degree of risk. This is the reason so many individuals find investing difficult. Lexi Capital minimizes your risk of taking a loss by providing you with a good education and answering all of your questions. You will also receive guidance to help ensure you make good investments. Once you have the essential information regarding the specifics of investing in gold and precious metals, you can make the best possible decision while protecting your wealth.

Trained and Experienced Staff:

If you require any investment advice or are concerned about the services and products available through Lexi Capital, customer service representatives are available to provide the answers you need. All you need to do to contact the support department is send an email or call to discuss your questions or concerns. The representatives will ensure your questions are answered factually and thoroughly.

Excellent Product Selection:

Lexi Capital offers an excellent range of different products you can purchase including special edition coins, numismatics and semi-numismatics. The staff will explain the pros and cons of becoming either an investor or a collector.

Opening an Account with Lexi Capital

Opening an Account

The company makes it simple to establish a Gold IRA due to the short application process. The majority of accounts can be completely set up and funded within seven to 10 days. Opening your account involves the following steps.

Step One: Opening an Account

Completing an online application is required to establish a Gold IRA. You will need to provide information regarding your other investments including 401ks and IRAs to proceed. If you are interested in rolling over funds from an existing account, you will need to provide Lex Capital with the name of your custodian or plan administrator.

Step Two: Funding the Account

You will then need to fund your account. You can accomplish this with a check, cash or by rolling over an existing retirement account.

Step Three: Consulting with an Advisor

Every new investor is offered a portfolio analysis by a professional. Your advisor will discuss your current investment portfolio in addition to how you can include silver and gold investments.

Step Four: Purchasing Precious Metals

You are now able to purchase the silver and gold you want to be held in your IRA. According to IRS rules, only specific precious metals are eligible for your new IRA.

Step Five: Shipping Precious Metals

The last step is having your precious metals shipped to either your home address or a secure location facility. Remember, only personal investments can be shipped to your home due to IRS regulations.


  • Your receive a personalized analysis of your portfolio
  • Both personal and private storage options are available
  • The IRA application is fast and easy to complete
  • You receive an assurance plan for six months
  • The focus is placed on investing in silver or gold
  • Assets including silver and gold can be combined in your account
  • The return policy with the Gold Assurance Plan is for six months


  • Some information is only available by contacting Lexi Capital directly
  • During unusually busy hours, it can be difficult to reach the company by phone

Making an Account Withdrawal

Distributions can be withdrawn from your Gold IRA in the same manner as any type of retirement account. We want you to be aware if you make a withdrawal before you reach the age of 59 and one-half, the penalty is 10 percent. You may also be required to pay income tax on your withdrawal. To make a withdrawal, simply complete an IRA withdrawal form or visit your online dashboard. You will need to include the amount in addition to the reason you are making a withdrawal.


Q: What is Lexi Capital?

A: Lexi Capital is a precious metals investment firm founded in 2010. The company focuses on assisting clients with early retirement. The firm is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Q: Can I Cancel an Order Placed with Lexi Capital?

A: Yes but you will be charged a cancellation fee of $45. To cancel your order, the requirements of Lexi Capital’s cancellation guidelines must be met.

Q: Can I Store Precious Metals I purchase Through Lexi Capital at Home?

A: Any purchase you make for a personal investment can be delivered directly to your home for storage. All new customers receive shipping at no charge. This is a nice bonus not available with the majority of companies specializing in Gold IRAs.

Q: Does Lexi Capital Certify and Grade Its Coins?

A: Every company offering Precious Metals IRA certifies and grades all coins and Lexi Capital is not an exception. The company makes certain all precious metals and products available have been properly certified and graded.

Q: What is the Minimum Investment with Lexi Capital?

A: The minimum required to purchase precious metals is $1,500. We have found this amount lower than with the majority of other firms offering Precious Metals IRAs.

Q: Can I Return Precious Metals to Lexi Capital?

A: Tracking numbers are used when Lexi Capital delivers precious metals. Once you have accepted delivery, you can return your package within three days. This gives you enough time to ensure you have received exactly what was expected.

Q: Will Lexi Capital Set Up My LLC?

A: Using a self-directed IRA to set up an LLC is possible among United States providers offering self-directed IRAs. Despite this, the majority of providers do not offer this service. This is because the IRS does not approve of retirement investing through an LLC. This practice is legal although it is considered a grey area. You can receive this service through the self-directed custodian of the firm, IRA Services Inc. You will not see this service promoted on the official website.

Bottom Line

We recommend Lexi Capital as one of the best providers of Precious Metals IRAs in the United States. Part of the reason is the online client reviews. The majority are good and the clients are satisfied with the services they received. The company ratings with the Better Business Bureau and BCA are excellent. We also considered the quality of customer support. In addition to contacting Lexi Capital through email or by phone, the firm provides an extensive section for common questions on the website.

You can easily find answers to any questions regarding the silver and gold products available through the company. In addition, detailed information regarding shipping and returns is clearly stated on the website. When we considered the number of Gold IRA providers, the fact Lexi Capital is among the top three is impressive. This is one of the leaders in Gold IRAs in the United States and is definitely worth your consideration.

Lastly, we like the Gold Assurance Plan. In addition to receiving price protection, you are also protected from stock market volatility and global instability. This helps to ensure you can retire when and how you desire. The bottom line is Lexi Capital has established a proven track record. If you are interested in establishing a Gold IRA for your retirement, Lexi Capital is a good choice.

Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold Reviews

This is our review of Advantage Gold, a company that provides people with a way to transfer their retirement to a gold (or other precious metals) backed IRA.

Precious metals are one of the best options for anyone that wants to diversify their investment portfolio and this company is an ideal option for you to do that.

Advantage Gold has received numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot and Trustlink over the years. If you are new to the IRA investing scene, Advantage Gold is arguably the best option for you.  This company focuses on silver, gold, and other precious metals. 

Advantage Gold is based in Los Angeles. This company was established in 2014 and, it has managed to win a solid reputation since then.

Why Should You Diversify Your Portfolio with Precious Metals

Advantage Gold Review

When you compared other investments based on the dollar to precious metals, you’ll discover that precious metals have more value. Precious metals also tend to accrue more value as that of such options as stocks and bonds plummet.

However, we don’t mean you should reject all other investment options and focus solely on precious metals. We highly recommend you use precious metals to stabilize your portfolio. A stable portfolio will give you peace of mind, especially in a crisis.

Advantage Gold offers you various IRA-ready precious metals that you can choose. These precious metals are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Advantage Gold has one available investment account- Gold IRA. This type of account allows you to exercise full control over your precious metals. It also allows you to invest in either bonds or stocks if you want to.
 Note that a Gold IRA account is subject to tax regulations similar to other types of IRA tax regulations . Taxes from your federal income are the source of your Gold IRA account’s deposit.

You cannot access the funds deposited into your Gold IRA account until you are 59.5 years old. You will attract financial penalties if you withdraw the funds before getting to this age. You’ll start getting minimum distributions that you’ll be required to withdraw when you reach the age of 70.5 years old. However, you won’t face a requirement to make a withdrawal from minimum distributions if you establish your account from Gold IRA to Roth IRA.

One of the best things about Gold Advantage is they focus on educating their clients. This company also offers you IRA-approved, Canadian, and U.S-minted coin options.

About Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold claims to be a leading industry in the precious metal IRA rollover. The expert team of Advantage Gold considers the conversion of your 401K, or current IRA into precious metals such as gold their specialty.
 Advantage Gold ensures you make the right retirement option decision by providing you with extensive information . This information, extensive and comprehensive as it is, is supposed to help you make an informed and educated decision.

This company pledges to offer you any necessary assistance to see you through the whole process. The company also tackles financial services from the side of education, and they use it in approaching every transaction of precious metals.

The team of experts at Advantage Gold understands fully well that you can only make sound financial decisions when you are provided with comfort, education, and understanding. They claim to provide these necessities without bias.

Advantage Gold promises to offer you guidance in every way through ensuring: you are thoroughly informed on the options available; helping you set up an IRA account; getting in contact with your current financial adviser or custodian, and, in case you want your metals liquidated, they also offer gold buyback services.
If you are a newbie when it comes to investing in precious metals, Advantage Gold offers you a comprehensive First Time Gold Investor Program. Expert representatives in this program will guide you through every step incorporated in investing in precious metals.

Advantage Gold also promises a welcome bonus by waiving the 1st year fees if your rollover transaction exceeds $50,000. This program is tailored to help you realize the benefits of gold investment and to enable you to understand the various available options.

This company also offers a special First Time Delivery Discount.  The only requirement for you to be eligible for this discount is funding your account with a minimum of $25,000 . This requirement is for you if you want your precious metals to be delivered swiftly, with free shipping and full insurance from the program. You can expect your precious metals to get delivered within less than three days with this program.

Contact Info
Phone: (310) 800-2473
Address: 12100 Wilshire Blvd Suite #1450
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Company Management Team
Advantage Gold’s CEO is Larry Levin. Larry has been in the S&P 500 trading niche for more than 20 years. Since the inception of Advantage Gold, Larry has participated in various interviews. Some of these interviews were conducted on such renowned platforms as Fox Business News, Bloomberg Television and,, and websites.

This company’s co-founders include Kirill Zagalsky and Adam Baratta. Kirill Zagalsky kickstarted his career when he became a Senior Account Executive with a national dealer. That national dealer was not only popular but also listed with the U.S Mint. Zagalsky is responsible for helping numerous clients with conversion into physical, precious metal from paper assets via 401K and IRA rollovers. He has also gotten featured in several popular media platforms that deal with IRA and gold, including NBC’s “Tumbling Stocks Trigger Rush for Gold”.
Baratta, on the other hand, also worked as a Senior Account Executive with a US Mint-listed dealer. That was before becoming one of the co-founders of the Advantage Gold company. As a Senior Account Executive, Baratta specialized in IRA accounts dealing with precious metals.

As a co-founder of Advantage Gold, Baratta provides support that is necessary to ensure each of his clients has reached their goals in precious metal investment. He also boasts considerable success in entrepreneurship through his participation in forming, financing, and organizing multiple ventures, especially within the entertainment industry.

Company Accreditations

Some of the accreditations of Advantage Gold include:

  • It has verified membership with American Numismatic Association
  • It has accredited, A-rated membership privileges with the Better Business Bureau
  • It has gotten listed as a dealer by the US Mint
  • It has accredited, A-rated membership with the Business Consumer Alliance
  • It is a member of the watchdog group popularly known as the ICTA (Industry Council for Tangible Assets

Storage and Custodian

Advantage Gold takes pride in working with Self Directed IRA Services, INC. Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. is a custodian ranked with the best in the IRA precious metals niche.

Advantage Gold also offers you the freedom to choose your own custodian if you wish to. The only requirement is the custodian of your choice needs to be approved by the IRA.

Advantage Gold uses two partners for storage- Delaware Depository or Brink’s Global Services USA, Inc. Both of these storage partners are responsible for vaulting and insuring your precious metals. Delaware Depository has a vault in Wilmington, DE, and Brink’s Global Services USA, Inc. has vaults located in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

Ratings, Reviews, and Complaints

Ratings, Reviews, and Complaints

Advantage Gold has the following ratings:

  • 5-star rating (5/5) on TrustLink from 527 user reviews- This rating shows that customers are entirely satisfied with Advantage Gold’s services.
  • 5-star rating (4.9/5) on Trustpilot based on 1004 user reviews-Getting a 5/5 from more than 1000 reviews is something most firms can’t brag about
  • 5-star rating (4.7/5) on Facebook based on 60 user
  • 5-star rating (5/5) on ConsumerAffairs from 31 ratings from users
  • A+ rating at Better Business Bureau- This rating is BBB’s highest accolade, and the fact that this fairly new company has been able to reach it is impressive
  • AA rating and zero complaints within the last three years on Business Consumer Alliance
  • Earned the popular “Best of Trustlink” award every year from 2016-2018

From the above ratings, we can safely deduce that customers are happy with the services offered by Advantage Gold.

Most customers have claimed that they had no prior knowledge of investing in precious metals. However, the Advantage Gold team not only fashioned them with what they needed to know but also walked them through the entire process of opening an IRA account with Advantage Gold.

Advantage Gold specialists have also been appraised as knowledgeable when it comes to handling diverse questions.  They find suitable solutions for customer questions no matter how complicated they are. Plus, their customer care team is always on standby to help any customers that may be experiencing difficulty or seeking clarification. 

So far, only two customers have made complaints to Advantage Gold, and their issues got resolved with astounding alacrity. Having two complaints over the course of 3 years is an enviable feat to many other IRA firms.

Advantage Gold Pricing Details

Advantage Gold has a very transparent policy when it comes to fees. It is very important that you confirm all the fees and costs that follow opening an account with any investment firm.

Below are some of Advantage Gold’s main fees:

  • You’ll pay $50.00 as a fee for account setup
  • Annual $125 SDIRA administrative and custodial fees
  • Annual $125 storage fee with Delaware Depository or Brink’s Global Services USA, Inc.


  • Advantage Gold offers you fully insured, fast delivery
  • You get a home storage option for your precious metals
  • Advantage Gold is listed by US Mint as a dealer
  • Their team is very supportive
  • Reasonably low yearly fees
  • Exemplary reviews from customers


  • They don’t have an option for making purchases online
  • The company is still fairly new in the industry
  • Fees are not disclosed on their website

Is Advantage Gold A Good Fit For You?

Advantage Gold is a good investment option for anyone that wants to diversify their portfolio. However, we consider Advantage Gold a perfect fit for:

New Investors– Advantage Gold pays special attention to new investors. They educate newbies, help them chose the best options, and ensure their investment goals have been reached. If you want a company that welcomes you even if you have no experience dealing with precious metals, Advantage Gold is one of the best options.
Dedicated Investors– Advantage Gold is also the best option for investors who are entirely focused on the future despite their portfolio’s current state. This company encourages its clients to hold their precious metals for a minimum of ten years if they want satisfactory financial benefits.

Is Advantage Gold Safe?

 Advantage Gold is one of the safest investment companies today . However, the financial market has its own risks, so it’s never fully guaranteed. So, you will never find a foolproof firm when it comes to precious stones.
The trend of gold prices has been on an upsurge recently. However, even Advantage Gold acknowledges the fact that the trend may possibly reverse in the foreseeable future.

You can be sure that Advantage Gold will never look to sell your information for a profit. They use Strata for custodianship and store their metals with Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services.

What Makes Advantage Gold Unique?

There are a lot of aspects that separate Advantage Gold from other IRA companies. These aspects are:

The First Time Gold Investment Program
As we mentioned before, Advantage Gold helps new investors navigate the crooks and crannies of 401k to gold IRA rollover. Their robust team helps newbies know the difference between the available precious metals, set up accounts, and roll over into precious metal IRAs from other IRAs.

First Time Delivery Discount package
Advantage Gold waives fees for any of their customers that invest a minimum of $50,000. They also offer quick delivery for investments of more than $25,000.

Approved and Secure Storage
This company uses approved depositories from approved and secure vault companies. One of the companies they use for storage is Delaware Depository, and it has been dealing with the storage of precious metals for over 200 years.

US Mint Listing
Advantage Gold has been listed officially as a dealer by the US Mint. This company’s listing should reassure you that the services and products from the company are genuine.

Focus on education
As we mentioned before, Advantage Gold puts more emphasis on educating its customers to ensure they make sound financial decisions.

A complimentary copy of “The New Case for Gold”
Advantage Gold offers you a copy of “The New Case for Gold” as a complimentary gift when you join the company.
This book by Rickard Brooks informs you on the importance of portfolio diversification, shows you, an investor, how you can protect your money from inflation, and explains why precious metals are helpful in financially troubled times.

Buyback services for precious metals
Advantage Gold offers you the opportunity to sell gold back to them at fair market prices if you need to liquidate. This buyback option is one of the reasons why this company stands out from other firms.

Free gold IRA guide
If you’re worried the services offered by Advantage Gold may not be suitable for you, they include a free guide on IRA gold which will help you make up your mind.

Outstanding Customer Service
As far as we can tell from customer feedback, Advantage Gold has one of the best customer service teams. It is knowledgeable, and their response time is excellent.

Excellent Reviews
Advantage Gold has received numerous five-star ratings from diverse customers. It is usually nearly impossible to find any firm with a clean rating record that rivals that of Advantage Gold.

How to Get Started and Fund Your Gold IRA Account

You are required to use a mobile device to start setting up an account with Advantage Gold. The company has certified advisors who will help you navigate through the following process:

  1. Completing self-directed IRA application
  2. Completing the agreement on Client and Shipping
  3. Posting a copy of your financial statement from a retirement account

The process itself is quite simple, but you can use expert help if you need to. You can also fund your IRA account on Advantage Gold through a rollover, making a new contribution, or wire from a bank via Direct Delivery.

Gold IRA Options

Before investing in precious metals, you need to review all available gold IRA options. You must get familiar with the company you want to invest in and the full range of services it offers.
Currently,  Advantage Gold has two options for starting a Gold IRA account . The first option is you can join their IRA by conducting a rollover from another. In this case, a check ought to be sent to Advantage Gold by your old custodian before funds get deposited in your Gold IRA account.

The second option is you withdraw funds from your existing IRA account and deposit them in a new one. You are allowed to do this once a year and within 60 days. Otherwise, you stand to suffer penalties.


Advantage Gold allows you to think outside the box by diversifying your investment portfolio. This company has a team that is always ready to educate, advise, assist, and guide you through precious metals’ investment from start to finish. That makes them one of the top-most companies dealing with gold in the United States.
Don’t fret if you know nothing about precious metals. Advantage Gold has experts that know enough for you and innumerable other new investors.

You can get started with Advantage Gold by contacting their team.

Gold Alliance

Gold Alliance Reviews

What is Gold Alliance?

Gold Alliance is a dealer in precious metals and gold. The company assists clients in purchasing investment-grade precious metals for their tax-sheltered retirement accounts. One of the best strategies for the long-term is a Precious Metal or Gold IRA or Individual Retirement Account. The company also offers precious metals and gold for investments not to be included in your retirement account.  Veterans in the industry established Gold Alliance in 2016 with 85 years of combined experience .

Gold Alliance is different than the typical investment company because its specialty is precious metals and gold. Mutual funds and stocks are not available. The company provides you with professional and experienced advisors to help you select the best precious metals for your individual needs. You will receive guidance to complete the process of creating a Gold IRA. Once established, you remain in control of your IRA. If you choose a self-directed IRA, you receive gold bullion bars.

Whichever choice you make, you will receive the assistance required.  The company has clients all over the United States choosing Gold Alliance to secure and customize a Gold IRA . There are specific guidelines to create a Gold IRA enabling you to invest in gold bars or bullion as opposed to mutual funds or stocks. Gold Alliance is familiar with all of the guidelines to ensure your IRA is set up correctly with physical precious metals that are IRA approved.

Contact Information for Gold Alliance

The Gold Alliance office is located at:

5550 Topanga Cayon Blvd, Suite 100
Woodland Hills, California, 91367

You can contact the company for more information by visiting or calling (888)642-3314.

Gold Alliance Management Team

Gold Alliance Management Team

The leaders of the Gold Alliance management team are Joseph Sherman, Fred Abadi and Kevin Troy. Due to the experience and skill of this team, the company is now one the most popular online firms for Gold IRAs and precious metals.  Joseph Sherman is one of the co-founders and the CEO . He earned a law degree upon graduation from the University of Tel Aviv. He has worked in commodities trading, private education and financial services for more than 20 years. He is a member of (NEA) the National Ethics Association and (ICTA) the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

The Senior Portfolio Manager and second co-founder of the Gold Alliance management team is Kevin Troy. He received a degree in marketing upon graduation from San Diego State University. He began his career working for JP Morgan Chase. From there, he entered the world of real estate lending. Eventually, he became a partner with one of the biggest mortgage brokerages in San Diego, California. He has spent the last 15 years working in the industry of precious metal investments.

The Senior Portfolio Manager and third co-founder is Fred Abadi. He holds a degree in business management from California State University. He has worked in the industry of precious metal investments for 15 years.

Gold Alliance Storage and Buyback Program

Both the Gold Alliance storage and buyback program are excellent. The preferred depository for the Gold Alliance for precious metals with IRA approval is the Delaware Depository. This renowned facility provides a comprehensive and prestigious insurance policy from Lloyds of London. You have the option of choosing either non-segregated or segregated storage.  The company ships your precious metals with either USPS or FedEx courier services .

The length of time necessary for your precious metals to arrive is dependent on your preferences. If you have ordered more than $500k, the company will most likely offer you alternative shipping options. Gold Alliance will ensure your precious metals arrive safely. You will need to allow a maximum of 10 days for shipping beginning with your payment confirmation and clearing. You are also offered a buyback option. This includes any bars or coins you have purchased from a different company.

Gold Alliance places a lot of emphasis on honoring its buyback policy with no questions asked for all precious metals you purchased from the company. If your purchase was from a competitor, everything will need to be inspected before you will receive an offer. We want to note that only bars and coins are included in the buyback program offered by Gold Alliance.

Gold Alliance Services

Gold Alliance Services

Since the company specializes in Gold IRAs, they are experts in this self-directed investment. The reason it is self-directed is that a traditional IRA does not allow any alternative investments. There are no consequences or tax penalties involved when you open a Gold IRA.  Another service offered by the company is direct delivery for purchases of either gold or silver . Once your payment has cleared, your will receive delivery of your precious metals promptly.

Unless you select an alternative option for an order exceeding $500,000, your precious metals will be delivered to your home through USPS or FedEx. You will receive lifetime support from the company. This is a lot more than simply answering your questions when you call. A senior portfolio management team is available to provide advice. If you have any questions you also have access to the team of account executives. You receive a portfolio team with lifetime support offering the following benefits.

  • Rebalancing your portfolio due to economic changes
  • Help with paperwork regarding your storage and precious metals
  • Creation of a precious metals inheritance
  • Required minimum distributions
  • Buybacks
  • Additional IRA contributions

You will always receive the most current information from Gold Alliance for your IRAs including videos, emails and educational articles.

Fees and Minimum Investments

The minimum investment for a Precious Metals IRA is $20. Your annual fees are $180.

The minimum investment for a Non-IRA is $10,000. Your annual fees are $180.

There are fees with any investment you make. Your account executive will explain the fees and minimal investments. Fees are added to your precious metal purchases to cover the price of storage. You will not be charged a fee for setting up an IRA but you will pay an annual fee of $180 for insurance and storage. Gold Alliance offers promotions to help offset your precious metal fees. A good example is decreasing the cost of a new IRA by five percent.

If you open a non-IRA account, you will not be charged any fees. All precious metals you purchase for this account will be delivered by Gold Alliance directly to your home. Your package is fully insured and your signature is required upon arrival. If you decide to store non-IRA precious metals through the company, there is a $180 annual fee for insurance and storage.

Gold Alliance Products

Gold Alliance Products

Gold Alliance offers a wide range of silver and gold bars and coins approved for your IRA in a variety of metal contents.  One of the most popular options is the one-quarter, one-half and one-ounce gold American Eagle . If you purchase a gold bar, you have a choice of 10 ounces or one ounce. The silver products include the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, Silver Round Sunshine and Silver American Eagle. All of these come in a one-ounce weight.

Silver bars in 100-ounce and 10-ounce weights are also available. If you are a collector, Gold Alliance has an excellent selection of premium silver and gold coins.  If you are interested in learning the exact pricing for any Gold Alliance product, you can simply call the company . You will receive pricing for any product you are interested in. If you open a Gold IRA, Gold Alliance has established partnerships with well-known custodians including STRATA Trust, Goldstar Trust and Equity Trust.

How to Purchase a Gold IRA Through Gold Alliance

There are only three steps necessary to purchase a Gold IRA from Gold Alliance.

Step One: Contacting Gold Alliance

To open an account, simply call Gold Alliance. You will then receive an application you need to complete. This generally requires just 10 minutes. You will receive a FedEx prepaid envelope with the application you use to mail it back. Your account should be activated within 24 hours.

Step Two: Funding Your Account

You will receive help from a company representative in rolling over your assets or 401k savings to fund a Gold IRA. You need to allow approximately five business days for this process.

Step Three: Choosing Your Investments

After your account is funded, you will receive help from your representative in selecting the best precious metals and gold for your account. Gold Alliance makes different recommendations based on your specific strategy and goals. Your purchase can be completed with either a wire transfer or cash.


  • Google reviews rate Gold Alliance five stars
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Lifetime client support
  • Buy-back guarantee


  • The prices of precious metals are not listed on the official website


Q: How Does Gold Alliance Hold Silver and Gold for Retirement Accounts?

A: A Gold IRA is classified as an individual retirement account. According to the laws of the IRS, gold, silver, palladium and platinum can be held in a self-directed IRA. This is accomplished by purchasing precious metals for storage in your chosen approved depository or third-party storage facility.

Q: Are There Taxes or Penalties to Transfer Funds from a 401k or IRA into a Gold IRA?

A: When you transfer money from your 401k or IRA, it is called a rollover. When your transfer is completed correctly, there are no penalties or taxes. Gold Alliance provides you with an experienced team member to ensure your funds are transferred correctly with no issues.

Q: Which Custodians Does Gold Alliance Use for the Actual Rollover?

A: Only trusted custodians are used by Gold Alliance for rollover transactions. This includes Goldstar Trust, Kingdom Trust and Equity Trust.

Q: Do I Need to Fill Out Complex Paperwork to Open My Precious Metals IRA?

A: No, all that is required is your beneficiary’s contact information and your contact details. You will receive a FedEx envelope from Gold Alliance to send back your application. You can contact a member of the team easily by calling if you have any questions.

Q: Where Does Gold Alliance Store My Precious Metals?

A: Approved storage facilities meeting the guidelines of the IRS are used for storing all precious metals. You have several storage depository options including locations in New York, California, Texas, Deleware and Utah.

Q: What Vaults Does Gold Alliance Use for the Storage of Precious Metals?

A: Gold Alliance uses vaults from several different companies for the storage of your precious metals. All of these vaults offer high-quality security to ensure your investment remains safe. One of the vaults is the Deleware Depository. There are locations in both California and Deleware. Brinks vaults are also used with locations in California, New York and Salt Lake City.

Q: What Type of Investment Account Can be Rolled Into a Gold IRA?

A: Not every type of retirement account is qualified for a rollover into a Gold IRA. There are several different account types that qualify including a Simple IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, 457b, 403b, pension plans, SEP IRA and Thrift savings accounts. If you are uncertain as to whether your account qualifies, we recommend contacting a Gold Alliance team member. You will receive an investor guide that will answer any questions you may have.

Q: Does Gold Alliance Offer Any Kind Of Buy-Back Program for Precious Metals?

A: Yes, and the program is excellent. If you want to sell any precious metals you purchased from Gold Alliance back, the company will buy them back at the current rate for buybacks. According to law, the company is unable to guarantee any transaction. We think it is important to mention at this time no client has ever been refused.

The Bottom Line

Gold Alliance only needed a few years to become one of the most frequently used IRA and precious metal companies. The company offers silver and gold coins approved for your IRA in addition to bars. If you are interested in learning more about opening a Gold IRA and the associated benefits, we recommend calling Gold Alliance. The company has worked hard to build a reputation of trust, reliability and integrity.

American Bullion

American Bullion Review

What is American Bullion?

American Bullion is a widely recognized name regarding IRA Precious Metal rollovers. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and offers an extensive variety of IRA-grade bars and coins, rare coins and collectibles.  We recommend contacting the company or requesting a free kit to determine if American Bullion is the right choice for your needs . The firm has become one of the most recognized precious metal companies in the industry.

American Bullion Review

The specialty of American Bullion is providing investors with guidance to convert existing products for retirement including 401ks and IRAs into gold. The company also excels at creating a new retirement account for individuals ready to begin saving for their retirement with an interest in investing in gold and silver.  If you are interested in receiving more information about American Bullion, we recommend requesting their gold kit available at no charge .

You will receive important information about the bullion products, the firm and answers to common questions about how your existing retirement account can be used to diversify your portfolio with physical precious metals for safety. Besides gold bullion, the company also offers IRA-grade silver bullion, palladium, platinum, United States coins and coins minted prior to 1933. For this reason, American Bullion is also popular among collectors as a gold dealer.

American Bullion Accreditations

The company has an impressive list of accreditation including:

  • Listed with the United States Mint
  • Accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating
  • Five out of five stars with Trustlink with a basis of 41 reviews
  • Registered with the American Numismatic Association as a verified member
  • Accredited with the Business Consumer Alliance with a rating of AAA
  • Five out of five stars with CitySearch
  • 4.5 out of five stars with TrustPilot with a basis of 184 reviews

American Bullion offers all the standard services expected from any company offering gold investments and precious metal IRAs including account setups and rollovers, selling precious metals including gold approved by the IRS and safe storage with high security.

 We find American Bullion an excellent option for new investors interested in investing in physical metals for protection, diversification or a retirement account . The company is also a great option for collectors and investors with an interest in rare bullion coins regardless of where in the world they are located.

Contact Information

American Bullion is located at:

12301 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 650
Los Angeles, California, 90025

You can contact the company by calling (888)895-6950 or visiting The company is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Pacific standard time.

We believe you should review all of your options for a Gold IRA before you invest. Purchasing precious metals is an important part of your IRA investment strategy. American Bullion is a reliable and straightforward company you can feel good about doing business with. Purchasing gold for your IRA may be one of the best decisions you ever make. We recommend asking questions until you are certain this investment is right for your specific requirements.

Benefits of American Bullion

Benefits of American Bullion

American Bullion is an expert for Gold IRAs. The process of rolling over your IRA is not only complex but requires a lot of paperwork. If you make even the simplest of mistakes, the result is often tax issues, a loss of money and plenty of aggravation and stress.  American Bullion understands the rollover process so you can be assured all of the steps are performed correctly . The company also ensures its clients are taken care of properly.

Only five to seven business days are generally necessary to process your IRA rollover. This is fast for this type of processing and everything can be completed on the telephone. This makes the process much simpler and more convenient. All you need to do to know American Bullion is a credible business within the industry is to look at the impressive list of affiliations available on the official site.

American Bullion Management Team

Prior to doing business with any company, we research the staff. Understanding who is behind American Bullion is important due to the individual qualifications of each staff member.  The CEO and founder of American Bullion is Nevtan Akcora . He has performed his duties in this position for over 10 years. Prior to founding the company, he served Onstar Worldwide as the COO and President. We have no doubts he possesses the experience required to successfully scale the company while attracting clients.

He has also fulfilled the responsibilities for several senior executive positions at different financial companies. The American Bullion Director of Marketing is Erman Ebren. His background in digital marketing is extensive. He has been with the firm for almost 10 years in several positions related to digital marketing. He began his career with Siemens as a systems engineer. The company is among the top American IRA firms.

Pricing and Fees

American Bullion is both upfront and transparent regarding all fees and pricing. If your account is valued at less than $100,000, your annual fee is just $90.  When setup fees are included regardless of the balance of your account, the maximum charge is $290 per year . This fee is about the average currently charged by the majority of IRA precious metal providers. In addition, American Bullion offers you an impressive benefit through a special promotion.

A lot of investors have the ability to take advantage of this promotion. For the first year, your administrative costs, storage costs and annual fee are waived. This means you pay no fees for the first year. American Bullion established this promotion to attract new clients to the firm and enable them to see the benefits of a precious metals IRA. This promotion will save you money in addition to offering more incentives to conduct business with the company.

American Bullion Storage

The storage preference for American Bullion is STRATA and Deleware Depository. The fees charged by both facilities are extremely reasonable. Due to the promotion you receive for your first year, there is no cost to get started. You can store precious metals or gold free for the first year simply by doing business with American Bullion. The fact the company will assume a loss for the first year is important because it means the company is fairly certain you will continue due to the service you receive.

If you are purchasing precious metals or gold not intended for an IRA, you have the option of storing your purchase at home.  American Bullion will deliver everything directly to your door upon request . Some investors prefer this option as a hedge against inflation or the potential confiscation of precious metals by the government. Throughout the course of history, the government has confiscated this type of asset. If you are extremely serious about using precious metals as a hedge, we recommend considering home storage.

We encourage you to talk to the company about this option and ask any questions you may have. The staff is very knowledgeable about precious metals and is happy to answer all of your questions.


  • Experts in IRA investments
  • Wide selection of available coins
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer support
  • Purchases back products at a reasonable price
  • Charges a flat fee
  • All of your expenses for the first year are waived
  • Smaller packages are delivered directly to your door
  • Larger packages have an armed guard escort through Brinks armored delivery
  • All purchases of platinum, gold and silver are delivered within seven days
  • Access to your precious metals is provided quickly


  • Although fairly rare, there have been a few complaints. We want to mention all complaints have been resolved satisfactorily.

American Bullion FAQs

Once you have learned what American Bullion has to offer including fees, pricing, storage, delivery and benefits you may still have a few questions. The most commonly asked questions are listed below.

Q: What are Precious Metals?

A: When the average person thinks about precious metals, their first thought is usually gold. Although gold is a precious metal, there are others such as silver, palladium and platinum.

Q: Is American Bullion Accredited with the Better Business Bureau?

A: Yes, American Bullion is accredited with the BBB and has a rating of A+.

Q: Can American Products be Delivered and Stored at Home?

A: Yes, you can have your purchase of precious metals delivered directly to your door. In addition to precious metals, you can purchase coins from Europe and all over the world and North American bars and coins for home delivery as well. Once your order has been placed and confirmed, you should receive your package within seven days. If your order is large, you will receive delivery through Brinks with an armored guard.

Q: What Does American Bullion Do?

A: American Bullion provides you with the ability to purchase precious metals. The company helps investors saving for their retirement reach their goals sooner through the use of investment vehicles including precious metal IRAs.

Q: How Long Has American Bullion Been in Business?

A: The company was established in Los Angeles, California in 2009.

Q: Are the Coins Sold by American Bullion Certified and Graded?

Yes, all coins are certified and graded. No matter which IRA company you choose, certification and grading are critical. This is how you know your retirement precious metals are genuine. If you are offered coins without certification or grading by any company, we recommend doing business somewhere else. This should be included with all reputable IRA providers.

Q: What is the Minimum I can Invest with American Bullion?

A: To get started with American Bullion, a $50,000 minimum investment is required. You will not be charged any fees for the first year. The majority of clients are satisfied with the products and services they receive and choose to remain with the company.

Q: Where is American Bullion Located?

A: The main office for American Bullion is in Los Angeles, California. Many of the American companies offering Precious Metal IRAs are located in this general area. The headquarters were originally established in 2009.

Q: Can an LLC Be Setup Through American Bullion?

A: The IRS does not want an IRA account for any investor to be opened using a corporate umbrella. Despite the fact the IRS does not look favorably on this practice, we believe you should know it is not illegal. The majority of traditional companies offering Precious Metal IRAs either do not specialize in or will not perform LLC setups. If you want to use a Limited Liability Corporation or LLC for your retirement investing, your best option is a self-directed IRA company.

The Bottom Line

When you consider the fee structure, American Bullion is comparable with the majority of other companies in the industry.  The difference is you do not pay any fees for the first year to get started. This is an excellent promotion enabling you to work with the company, see what they have to offer first hand and ultimately decide if the firm is right for your needs . We do not believe the company would offer this type of promotion if they were not fairly certain you would choose to stay after the first year.

Another notable benefit of American Bullion is you can place your funds into precious metals in circulation outside North America. A lot of precious metals investors are interested in purchasing metals from all over the world including Europe. The company offers a wide selection of products to suit the goals of nearly every type of investor. If you are new to retirement investments, American Bullion will thoroughly explain the process and help you every step of the way.

If your goal is to establish an IRA Precious Metal rollover, the company has built a solid reputation for expertise and efficiency. The specialty of American Bullion is IRA-grade bars and coins but you will also find an excellent selection of rare and collectible coins. Our recommendation is to contact the company or request a free kit to determine if the company is a good fit for your individual needs.

Regal Assets

Regal Assets Reviews

What is Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is an international firm specializing in Bitcoin and Gold IRAs. Within just seven years, the company became the leader in precious metals and gold investments. The CEO of the firm is Tyler Gallagher. He was a member of the Forbes Financial member two years in a row. Due to his influence, Regal Assets has an impeccable reputation and a long list of satisfied clients.  The company has provided expertise in Gold IRAs since 2013 . These programs assist investors with guarding and maximizing their wealth.

Regal Assets is one of 500 of the quickest growing companies within the United States. Clients are provided with the help necessary to make the best possible investment decisions for their retirement or IRA portfolios. This is different than the volatile paper-based shares of the stock market because the firm purchases and sells precious metals known for stability such as platinum, gold, palladium and silver.  Regal Assets offers the best services for gold portfolios even when market conditions have become shaky .

The company has been featured in numerous business publications including SmartMoney, Market Watch, Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter and Reuters. During the course of the last decade, the company has grown and become a global firm with offices located in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Expansion into Australia is expected shortly.

Company History and Reputation

Regal Assets Review

Tyler Gallagher was well established as an account executive for a gold dealer in the United States before he established a precious metals firm of his own. In the beginning, almost everything was handled by Tyler. Even though the specialty of the company is Gold IRAs, other services are also available including:

  • Home delivery provided for precious metals
  • Gold SAAS and SIPP accounts for the United Kingdom
  • Gold RRSP accounts throughout Canada

Precious metals and cryptocurrency can be delivered and stored for investors in nearly every developed country across the globe. The company offers a wide selection of precious metals also available in bars and coins.  Regal Assets offers cryptocurrency including a recent addition of a crypto IRA . Digital currencies can be added to your portfolio as alternative assets including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The Bitcoin IRA offers the biggest selection of crypto currently available. The crypto IRA is fully insured, hacker-proof and includes cold storage.

Tyler Gallagher has been featured in Bloomberg, Seeking Alpha, CoinTelegraph and more. Regal Assets has received celebrity endorsements including Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham and Lars Larson. Hundreds of millions have been completed by the firm in account transfers and rollovers. The excellent reputation of the company is partly based on verified customer review sites including:

  • Business Consumer Alliance rating of AAA
  • According to more than 1,000 reviews, the average Trustlink star rating is Five
  • According to more than 1,000 reviews, the average BirdEye star rating is 4.9

What is Offered by Regal Assets?

Simply put, Regal Assets purchases and sells precious metals including gold in the form of bullion, coins and bars. Precious metals such as gold, palladium, silver and platinum are more stable in comparison to traditional paper investments including treasury bonds, mutual funds and stocks. This is because the value of the latter can be volatile due to current economic and national trends.  Regal Assets offers help in making a smarter investment for your retirement portfolio or IRA with precious metals . At this time, there are two different types of personal packages available.

The Merchant Package is $5,000. If you are interested in an investment in silver and gold you can liquidate easily when necessary, making this package is a good option. The Knighthood Package is $10,000 and a good option to provide your family with financial coverage. Regal Assets also offers four different kinds of gold portfolios. The Legacy Portfolio is $25,000, with the focus placed on the immediate potential for profit. The Kingship Portfolio is $50,000 and customized for protection from inflation.

The Dynasty Portfolio is $100,000 and offers an excellent return for your initial investment. This package is proven stable against economic issues and inflation. The Coronation Portfolio is $250,000 and created for individuals with a high net worth. This is a good option if you are interested in building wealth for the long-term.

Benefits of Regal Assets

Track Record:

Regal Assets takes pride in a track record both spotless and exceptional. If you conduct a search through any search engine including Google, you will discover a lot of compliments and praise without a single complaint. The majority of review sites offer Regal Assets stellar reviews.

Fast Processing and Shipping:

If you decide you want to remove some of your gold from storage, Regal Assets makes certain your bars, bullion and coins arrive at your home safely in seven days. The company guarantees the time frame for your delivery.  If you do not receive delivery within seven days, you will receive a Silver American Eagle coin for free . The majority of investment companies require at least 15 to 30 days for your gold to be delivered.

Segregated Storage:

Unlike most gold investment companies, you are provided with segregated and low-cost storage by Regal Assets. This means all of your bullion, bars and coins are stored in separate compartments as opposed to with other investors. The other companies offering segregated storage generally charge an extremely large fee in addition to their annual fees. The annual storage rate for Regal Assets is fixed at $150. When you consider the average of $250 charged by the industry, you are saving money.

Flat Fees:

The fee for every retirement account is $250 regardless of the value. All of your fees for precious metal accounts including delivery, storage and administrative are waived for the first year. You will not receive any charges until your second year.

Gold IRA Rollover Specialists:

Working with an investment company familiar with everything regarding an IRA rollover is critical. You can lose a lot of money if even the simplest mistake is made including incorrect tax documentation or purchasing coins not approved for your IRA. Regal Assets does 95 percent of their business with IRA rollovers. This means once you become a client, you can relax knowing your money is in capable and safe hands.

Custodian and Storage

Custodian & Storage

Regal Assets provides clients with an option of regional storage in Dubai. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirate confederation and an independent emirate. During the last few years, you may have heard Dubai referred to as the City of Gold. This is because it has become one of the leading global choices to inventory precious metals and offshore gold in a safe jurisdiction. In addition to a tax-free status enabling precious metals to be acquired cheaply, Dubai offers some of the lowest storage fees worldwide.

This combination of benefits has made Dubai the number one choice to store assets for numerous bullion investors across the globe.  Regal Assets established a partnership with Brink’s to provide you with access to highly secured new vaults located in Almas Towers in the Regal Assets building . This secured building is one of the most prestigious and secure buildings anywhere in the Middle East. When you store your precious metals in this building, Regal Assets offers you impressive benefits including:

  • The history of the emirate is distinguished including providing businesses, ventures and financial companies with a technologically advanced structure.
  • Dubai is now one of the top global centers for gold storage. Roughly 20 percent of yearly gold production worldwide is currently managed in Dubai.
  • In 20096, construction of the United Arab Emirates vault facility was authorized by DMCC. This vault was specifically constructed for the storage of precious metals. You can be assured the systems are current for excellent security and inventory management.
  • The vault is co-managed by Brink’s and located within the Regal Assets office building in Dubai.
  • Due to the tax-free status of Dubai, this is one of the least expensive jurisdictions worldwide to purchase and store your gold securely.

If you have a preference for a different location in which to store your precious metals, Brink’s and Regal Assets offer choices in safe and well-respected jurisdictions all over the world. This includes New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, France, Australia and Singapore. Brink’s has vaults in all of these jurisdictions offering the highest security level with full insurance for all contents. Every vault is monitored 24/7 with world-leading systems and technology.

Gold Products Available Through Regal Assets

  • British Britannia gold coin (one ounce)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin (one ounce)
  • American Eagle gold coin (one ounce)
  • Australian Kangaroo gold coin (one ounce)
  • Chinese Panda gold coin (one ounce)
  • Islamic 8 Dinars gold coin (one ounce)
  • American Buffalo gold coin (one ounce)
  • South African Krugerrand gold (one ounce)
  • Austrian Vienna Philharmonic gold (one ounce)
  • Gold list bar London Good delivery ( one ounce)
  • Gold list bar London Good Delivery (10 ounces)
  • Gold list bar London Good Delivery (one kg)
  • Gold Emirates bar (one kg)
  • Gold Al Etihad bar (one kg)

Silver Products Available Through Regal Assets

  • Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin (one ounce)
  • Australian Kookaburra silver coin (one ounce)
  • American Eagle silver coin (one ounce)
  • Austrian Philharmonic silver coin (one ounce)
  • Australian Koala silver coin (one ounce)
  • British Britannia silver coin (one ounce)
  • London Good Delivery silver bar (10 ounces)
  • London Good Delivery silver bar (100 ounces)
  • London Good Delivery silver kilogram bar

Platinum Products Available Through Regal Assets

  • Australian Koala platinum coin (one ounce)
  • Canadian Maple Leak platinum coin (one ounce)
  • American Eagle platinum coin (one ounce)

Palladium Products Available Through Regal Assets

  • PAMP palladium bar (one ounce)
  • PAMP palladium bar (10 ounces)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf palladium coin (one ounce)

Gold Portfolios Available Through Regal Assets

  • Regal Assets offer four types of gold portfolios with different features and benefits for every standard including:
  • Legacy $25,000 Portfolio for fast profit potential.
  • Kingship $50,000 Portfolio offering custom design models for inflation protection.
  • Dynasty $100,000 Portfolio for a high individual investment return with ensured stability against market uncertainty and inflation.
  • Coronation $250,000 and above Portfolio for high net worth investors focusing on accumulating wealth for the long-term.

Packages Available Through Regal Assets

  • Regal Assets currently offers two personal packages.
  • The $5,000 Merchant Package contains silver or gold investments with easy liquidation.
  • The $10,000 Knighthood Package provides financial security for the loved ones of the investor.

Pricing and Fees

Regal Assets offers you a precious metals price quote including all delivery charges and fees. You receive a quote from an account executive. Once you decide to accept the quote, your price is locked-in regardless of any future fluctuations in the market. The fees charged by the firm are the most competitive within the current market. The best benefit is in the IRA fee structure. Unfortunately, too many investors do not realize they are paying excessively high fees until after it is too late.

The scaled fees offered by the majority of competitors are a percentage of the value of your account.  The annual fee for Regal Assets is flat . You pay $110 for storage and $80 for admin regardless of your account value. You will save even more as time passes since as your portfolio value increases, so do the scaled fees of the other companies. With enough time, these fees can become incredibly high. The flat fee structure does not start until your second year because all fees for the first are waived for IRA investments a minimum of $10,000.

Your flat $110 storage fee includes segregation as opposed to the additional fees most companies charge for this type of storage. If your account includes cryptocurrencies and metals, your benefits increase because you are not charged admin fees twice.

Insurance and Delivery

Your order is delivered by FedEx, UPS registered mail or UPS in discreet packaging with a guarantee of seven-day delivery. The company delivering your package is dependent on your specific location. Every shipment is insured for the entire market value. Regal Assets assumes all responsibility for your delivery until it has been received and accounted for. You will be given a tracking number enabling your order to be traced from dispatch to receipt. If you place a large institutional size order, Brink’s will deliver your package with an armored guard.

Buyback Program

If you decide to liquidate your investment in precious metals at any time, the company will buy everything back. This service is available on all business days. Your proceeds will be received within 24 hours.

Gold Storage

When IRS regulations apply to your precious metals IRA, you will be unable to receive personal possession of your precious metals. In this instance, storage will be arranged by Regal Assets on your behalf. Until you are 59 and one-half years of age, your gold must be stored and insured under your name at a depository approved by the IRS. The company will make arrangements for segregated storage to ensure your precious metals are not mixed with the purchase of any other client. This is essentially the same as labeling your precious metals with your name.

This is very important because your assets are identified as yours. This means your assets are unable to be seized in the event assets are frozen for the depository, Regal Assets or their clients for any reason. The depository preferred by the company is Brink’s and located in Salt Lake City. This is no additional charge for segregated storage and your insurance will not be uplifted. Once the precious metals for your retirement account reach the storage depository, the arrival is recorded on video.

The first company in the industry of precious metals to offer this type of service to both their clients and the facility was Regal Assets. The company also offers you the option to store your precious metals overseas without any penalties or taxes.

Regal IRAs and Cryptocurrency

Regal IRAs and Cryptocurrency

A unique new IRA was launched by Regal Assets in the United States in December of 2017. This enabled all clients to include both precious metals and cryptocurrencies in their retirement accounts. The company has taken a few additional steps since the launch of this IRA. Instead of opening a traditional cryptocurrency IRA, you can open an IRA containing both cryptocurrencies and alternative assets. Although there is no upper limit, you have a $10,000 minimum investment.

Regal Assets believes evolving with the times is important. Since the firm has been established as a leader for Gold IRAs, they wanted to offer clients both traditional and digital gold for inclusion in their United States retirement accounts. The IRS has given full approval for cryptocurrencies. You also receive a lot of benefits with a Crypto IRA including:

  • You receive tax advantages.
  • You gain the ability to invest in crypto without releasing new funds because your existing investment in your retirement account can be used.
  • You do not pay any penalties.
  • A crypto account is a 100 percent legitimate means of avoiding restrictive and complicated regulations the IRS placed on cryptocurrency gains.

When CEO Tyler Gallagher made the announcement that cryptocurrencies could now be included in their IRAs, he placed emphasis on the fact the belief of the company is cryptos and gold are both included in a balanced portfolio. Regal Assets is different than the majority of its competitors because their IRAs are not limited to only Bitcoin. There are many reasons Regal Assets stands out from its competition including offering cryptocurrency clients an option with no obligation for:

Offline Wallets:

You can use these wallets for loading your crypto onto a password-protected, encrypted and independent offline device called the Regal Wallet. This device is similar to a hard drive in the sense there is no networking to any devices accessible through the internet. This means your wallet is hacker-proof.

Insurance from Lloyds of London:

When your wallet is placed in vaulted or cold storage, Lloyds of London will ensure your cryptocurrencies for a maximum of $20 million for each incident.

Cold Storage:

To ensure maximum protection and security, you can physically store your wallet in cold storage within a secure vault. Regal Assets works with Brink’s to provide you with zero cost for vaulted storage for your first year.  Your monthly rate after that is 0.07 percent for storage and a flat admin annual fee of $230. Even if you have both cryptocurrency and precious metals in your account, you still pay just $230 . The firm took these steps to eliminate the majority of risks and provide you with peace of mind when making an investment in cryptocurrency.

Rollover and Transfer Process for Regal Assets IRAs

Step One:

Open the Regal Assets website at You will find a simple form you can fill out easily. Once you have completed the form, you will generally receive an email the same day containing all the required IRA documentation. This has already been completed to make the process simple. All you have to do is electronically sign the document and sent it back by email.

Step Two:

Within 24 hours, your new IRA account is opened. You will receive an email with your account number. You will then receive transfer request paperwork by email. This is also submitted electronically. As soon as this is received by Regal Assets, contact will be established with your current custodian so the transfer of funds can be initiated on your behalf to your new IRA account.

Step Three:

The Regal Assets staff works behind the scenes. Every time the next step of the process is completed, you will receive an update by either email or phone. Once your money arrives, your account executive will contact you to ensure you receive the assistance and guidance you need to purchase alternative assets.

Step Four:

Once you make the decision to proceed, Regal Assets will lock in your prices and fund your purchase. When you include metals in your IRA, they are delivered in a maximum of seven days to the Brink’s depository. You will receive notification upon arrival. You can then go online to monitor your products and account at any time.

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group Reviews

Birch Gold Group offers the public direct sales of precious metals and precious metal IRAs. The focus of the company is to educate its customers while providing an all-in-one service. Some of the highlights of Birch Gold Group include:

  • Low fees
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars
  • Average TrustLink review rating of five out of five stars
  • Commitment to transparency

Due to the uncertainty of the modern world, the best way to ensure your assets are protected for the future as well as now is by diversifying your portfolio. The popularity of precious metals as a method for portfolio diversification is continuously increasing.

Understanding the difference between a good and poor company offering precious metals IRAs is extremely important. The last thing you want to do is place your trust in just any company.

This is the reason we are taking a thorough look at Birch Gold Group. This is a gold IRA company backed by a well-earned reputation and an impressive employee team. There is also a couple of potential issues we want you to be aware of as well.

Is Birch Gold Group the Best Option for Your Needs?

Whether you are an experienced investor or still fairly new to the concept of precious metal IRAs, we have highlighted everything important regarding Birch Gold Group in this article to ensure you can make a profitable and well-informed decision.

Quick Birch Gold Group Summary

  • Custodian fees are $180 per year
  • Minimum investment is $10,000
  • You receive a promotion waiving all fees for the first year for accounts over $50k
  • This article was written to answer all of your questions and provide information regarding Birch Gold Group to enable you to make a knowledgeable decision including:
  • How can I get a free gold kit?
  • Overview of Birch Gold Group
  • What is Birch Gold Group?
  • Who is Birch Gold Group best for?
  • What are the Pros & Cons of Birch Gold Group?
  • What makes Birch Gold Group unique?
  • Birch Gold Group reviews & 3rd party ratings
  • What services does Birch Gold Group offer?
  • Birch Gold Group FAQs
  • How to get started with the company
  • Birch Gold Group minimum investment & fees
  • Birch Gold Group promotions
  • The Final Word

What is Birch Gold Group?

Birch Gold Group Review

Birch Gold Group is a firm specializing in precious metals. The company markets palladium, platinum, silver and gold.

You can purchase precious metals to place in your IRA or for the physical position.  Birch Gold Group was established in California in 2003 . The firm is based online and provides its clients with full-service.

The focus of the company is to protect your portfolio from inflation. Historically speaking, precious metals have moved in a direction opposite of the stock market. This helps to provide balance from unpredictable situations in the market resulting in vulnerable traditional assets.

We also want you to be aware Birch Gold Group has made a commitment to provide exceptional customer service with a focus on education. The company offers a wide range of personalized options to help you decide which investment is best for your specific situation.

Unlike many other companies, all of your options are explained clearly in English to ensure you have the information necessary to make the

What Services Does Birch Gold Group Offer?

The company offers a wide variety of products for investment including both physical metals and rollover services for your IRA.

If you have a preference for physical assets, investments are available in palladium, platinum, silver and gold. Bullion coins are also available such as silver and gold coins from the United States and Canada.

You will discover a good selection of many of the most popular favorites including the Indian Head Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf and the American Eagle.

The Professional Coin Grading Service and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation take care of all coin authentication.

All aspects of the coin are authenticated including the content of precious metal, the weight and other factors.

Birch Gold Group offers you rollover services enabling you to fund your IRA with your 410k.

The philosophy of the company is to ensure all of its clients remain informed at all times. This is the reason the firm offers a wide variety of assistance and educational programs for every rollover service available.

You are offered multiple options for both depository and custodian. Since you are a gold investor, you will require a custodian to administrate your investment account.

Yes, it is often extremely difficult to find a reputable custodian. Birch Gold Group works in close contact with Equity Trust among others.

IRS standards require the storage of precious metals in strict accordance. Birch Gold Group works with Deleware Depository, International Depository Services and Brink’s.

All of the depositories used by the firm are based in the United States because this option has the highest recommendations. The depositories are located in cities including New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and Deleware.

Birch Gold Group Minimum Investment & Fees

Birch Gold Group Minimum Investment & Fees

Every type of investment product and IRA has associated fees. If you are an experienced investor, you already know this is nothing new.

Depending on the complexity of the current process, there can be additional fees for a gold IRA.  Birch Gold Group partners work with custodians that keep your fees as low as possible . At the very least, these fees are relatively comparable with the other mainstream custodians.

Birch Gold Group Fees for Precious Metal IRAs

  • The minimum investment is $10,000
  • Annual custodian fees are $180 per year

Birch Gold Group Fees for Non-IRAs

  • The minimum investment is $10,000
  • Annual custodian fees are $0 per year

Account Setup

The primary custodian for Birch Gold Group is Equity Trust Company. The setup fee is $50.

If you have become accustomed to the typical setup fee for a conventional IRA, $50 may seem a bit steep. We want you to realize this is a fairly standard fee for a precious metal IRA.

The wire transfer fee charged by Equity Trust is $30.

Storage Fees

As we mentioned earlier, the gold for your IRA is stored by Birch Gold Group in an IRS-approved, secure depository. When you make an investment in precious metals for your IRA, there are some associated storage fees you are required to pay.

The majority of Birch Gold Group clients pay a standard annual fee of $100. There is an additional maintenance fee of $80. The basis of these fees depends on the type of storage you have selected.

Protecting Your Retirement Savings

Birch Gold Group offers a Gold Group information kit. The company is giving away this kit with no obligation or cost to you. You will receive insider information on silver and gold. This extensive information fills 20 pages.

The information kit will show you how your savings can be protected today. All you need to do is request your free gold kit.

Who is Birch Gold Group Best For?

Even though you have an interest in investing in precious metals, you need to be certain Birch Gold Group is the best choice for your individual needs. You should definitely consider Birch Gold Group if any of the scenarios listed below are applicable to your situation.

You do not want to spend your valuable time dealing with depositories, custodians and numerous other details. You are interested in finding a company worthy of your trust to serve as your trustpoint for your complete investment.

You are interested in acquiring more knowledge about investing in precious metals specifically pertaining to your future and current investment goals. You want a company offering guidance to help you find the best opportunities for your investments. Finally, you want a firm to help you eliminate any products that are not right for your needs.

You are interested in receiving assistance in securing your portfolio with an investment in precious metals. This can be by making an outright metals purchase or by funding an IRA. You want to find a company offering both expertise and financial knowledge in precious metals. Birch Gold Group deliberately tries to reach as wide of a client base as possible.

What Makes Birch Gold Group Unique?

First, you can count on Birch Gold Group to cover all of the basics extremely well. The company also offers an excellent selection of unique features the competition does not offer.

Commitment to Providing Education

Birch Gold Group realizes when a client is informed, they become a satisfied customer. The key operating philosophy of the firm is a commitment to understand your needs and answer all of your questions. The company will work with you for the development of a customized financial strategy. The basis is your preferences, long-term goals and current situation.

IRA Specialists

Birch Gold Group makes it easy to open and manage your Gold IRA account. This is because an entire section of the firm has been devoted specifically to this process. You will receive the help you need for every step of your journey from the in-house IRA department. You will always work with an IRA specialist dedicated to your needs that understands the specifics of your situation.

Top Tier Employee Team

The team at Birch Gold Group offers you a wide variety of experiences. The firm’s employees are former wealth managers, commodities brokers, financial managers and more. Birch Gold Group was established in 2003 in Burbank, California as an experienced firm. Individuals from across all 50 states are included in their client base.


If the name Birch Gold Group has a familiar ring, it is most likely because the company is often mentioned in the media. The Ben Shapiro Show has endorsed the company. Every significant endorsement only adds to the overall credibility of the firm.

We believe it is important to understand everything great about Birch Gold Group in addition to the areas where the firm could improve.


  • Provides recommendations for both depositories and custodians
  • Adheres to all applicable regulations including federal, state and IRS
  • Dedication to educating customers
  • Received high ratings from professional organizations and customers


  • Some of the initial setup fees have not been displayed clearly
  • No depository options for overseas


A precious metals or gold IRA is a self-directed account for your individual retirement. All of the precious metals are IRS-approved as opposed to standard stocks and bonds. You can have your account set up like a traditional IRA with pre-tax funds or like a Roth IRA with after-tax funds.

You can select either segregated or co-mingled storage. This is also referred to as non-segregated storage. This is when the storage of your precious metals in the same vault used for other investor’s precious metals.

When the storage of your precious metals is in a safe deposit box or room away from other precious metals it is called segregated storage. Although this option is more secure, it is also more expensive.

There are no fees for rolling money from an IRA or 401k into an IRA. Only one rollover per year is allowed. You can make a transfer from one IRA to another as often as you like.

The process of taking funds out of an account is called distribution. You are given 60 days for transferring your funds into another IRA or a new gold IRA.

Birch Gold Group works with cutting-edge security organizations including International Depository Services, Brink’s and Deleware Depository. These organizations have depositories in Seal Beach, Deleware, Los Angeles, Dallas and New York.

Birch Gold Group works extensively with Equity Trust. This custodian offers 40 years of experience. If you prefer, the company will work with any custodian.

You can roll many Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, 401k, 457 and 403b accounts into a precious metals IRA.

Yes, if you decide to sell, Birch Gold Group will buy back anything you have purchased from the firm. The buy-back rates are competitive and established in advance when you make a purchase.

No, the process is simplified for you by the Birch Gold Group IRA department. You will not be overwhelmed by paperwork and forms.

Birch Gold Group Reviews & 3rd Party Ratings

There is a lot of favorable information available regarding Birch Gold Group through third-party sources. Although there are not many reviews available from the BBB, all of them are positive. There are more than 100 reviews on TrustLink, with the majority positive.

Promotions from Birch Gold Group

The following promotions are currently available from Birch Gold Group.

  • Free shipping for every purchase exceeding $10,000
  • IRAs valued at more than $50,000 do not have fees for your first year
  • You receive up to $10,000 of free precious metals for qualified, eligible purchases

Promotions are always changing. Current information is available on the site.

How to Get Started?

Once you decide this is the right investment for your needs and want to start the process to rollover your retirement account, simply follow the steps below.

Step One:

Meet with a precious metal specialist from Birch Gold Group to discuss your motivation and specific goals.

Step Two:

Your retirement account’s rollover eligibility will be determined by an IRA specialist.

Step Three:

Money from your current retirement account is rolled over into your new IRA. You will receive help with the navigation.

Step Four:

Meet with a precious metal specialist from Birch Gold Group to discuss your motivation and specific goals.

Step Five:

Birch Gold Group Specialists will use money from your new IRA to purchase your chosen precious metals. Storage arrangements will be made for your precious metals at an approved directory.

The Final Word

A partnership with a reputable company is necessary to establish and maintain your investment in precious metals and your precious metals IRA.

The company must excel in everything corresponding to precious metals including IRA operation, storage and custodianship.

You can diversify your portfolio, secure your future and protect yourself against inflation by making the right investments.

Birch Gold Group provides you with an excellent full-service experience. The company focuses on your education while paying attention to your specific needs.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals Services

Retirement Investing with Augusta Precious Metals Services

Launching your retirement savings forward and obtaining financial success is determined by understanding your overall finances, the resources needed for a specific financial goal and organization skills. Having the right financial tools is extremely beneficial when setting financial goals, tracking your savings, or building a realistic budget. However, when thinking about how your income will look in the future and if your retirement savings outlook will be bright, the truth is everyone’s financial forecast will be different.

When we think of retirement some immediately think about being old and grey or incapable of doing their day to day activities. However, that is not always the case. The retirement phase in an individual life can be very fruitful providing the emotional and financial boosts needed to have a healthy retirement lifestyle. Taking this time as an opportunity to clarify your priorities is exceptionally important. Things like protecting your health, being flexible, and reconsidering how you save your money runs through the minds of many as they plan for their future.

When an individual withdrawals from their working lifestyle this is a crucial beginning part on how they manage their retirement savings. Some people even choose to semi-retire by weighing their financial options then reducing their work hours at their employer. It is imperative to plan ahead for setting aside money during retirement. Think of it as a lifetime income stream. What good is your retirement savings if it is not protected through silver or gold IRA’s. Taking your retirement savings to the next level and for what it’s really worth is key. This is a major key, therefore connecting with a reliable company like Augusta Precious Metals will unlock your retirement savings full potential.

It’s time for a new conversation about your retirement savings priorities. Exploring Augusta Precious Metals services will help you not only plan for your future, but will also help with fulfilling your financial vision for the future while providing financial peace. With Augusta Precious Metals services they will implement successful financial strategies to help ensure that your hard earned dollars never run out. When you change your retirement savings forecast with Augusta Precious Metals Services you will have the assistance needed to carefully plan your retirement savings decisions which will make it easy for you during your retirement years.

No matter if you are just starting to build your retirement savings or wanting to roll over your IRA, starting the retirement process is key. You can simply change your financial world with a simple decision to start an IRA or transfer your retirement savings to Augusta Precious Metals. Your retirement savings will make a lasting impact on your future and future generations. The financial decision you make towards saving for your future will impact many areas of your life like health, emergencies, and exploration.

Your Retirement With Augusta Precious Metals Services

Even if you are not yet retired, you can still save now to have a prosperous and happy future. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize that you can live well on less than you actually think. By investing with Augusta Precious Metal services you are heading down the right path. Maximize your retirement savings with Augusta Precious Metals to enjoy the rest of your life. All business transactions are done with trusted business partners. In terms of retirement savings, Augusta Precious Metals is a great retirement protection partner to have in your financial portfolio.

How to Get Started with Augusta Precious Metals services is simple. If you are the type of individual that loves surfing the net and researching topics, then let’s take your internet savvy skills directly to Augusta Precious Metals business website at The website is formatted and structured in a way that many potential customers will notice it’s simplicity. Just reading the website you will notice that many of your questions are answered immediately.

Who is Augusta Precious Metals Best For

Investing for retirement savings helps keep long-term goals in mind and can help near-term investment decisions like which IRA company to choose as an immediate priority. Augusta Precious Metals is best for soon-to-be retirees or anyone interested in investing in their financial future. Some questions that may arise are what necessary steps are needed to take in order to be financially secure during retirement years? Or you may be wondering how you can acquire multiple streams of income apart from just your retirement income?

When you become a client with a family owned business such as Augusta Precious Metals many of these questions are answered with profitable solutions. Also, keep in mind if you have other investments accounts that bring in income having the peace of mind in having your retirement savings in Augusta Precious Metals means that you will always have some funds available during retirement. The resources and strategies used by Augusta Precious Metals Services will help your retirement forecast look bright allowing you to have a healthy and active life free of financial stress.

What Makes Augusta Precious Metals Unique?

What makes Augusta Precious Metals so unique is its commitment to provide total transparency to its customers. The customer service received will be for a lifetime. We all heard the statement “Family comes first” well Augusta Precious Metals has taken that statement and created a financial empire. With nearly 50 years of expertise in the finance industry, this family owned business has been providing their customers with self-directed gold IRA’s on a global scale. With a self-directed gold IRA offered by the company you become the financial boss. You call the shots and make the purchasing decisions. Protecting your long term wealth should come first no matter what which includes how your Precious Metals assets are secured and stored.

Augusta Precious Metals services isn’t just a company that will help diversify your retirement savings, but provides its clients with educational coaching that helps customers better understand how their retirement savings will prosper. Taking your retirement savings knowledge to the next level with Augusta Precious Metals is priceless. Always remember throughout the entire rollover process, Augusta Precious Metals prides itself in protecting your retirement savings with silver or gold IRA’s.

Augusta Precious Metals Pro’s & Con’s

Before making any decisions as to which company to put your retirement savings in it is important to weigh Augusta Precious Metals Pro’s & Con’s here have been many changes in the financial market due to the COVID-19 pandemic especially with retirement accounts both traditional IRAs and Roth alternatives. Augusta Precious Metals can assist you with focusing on things that you can control like sticking to a retirement savings budget during these volatile times.

A lifetime income stream is strategically thought out with tools to help ensure your money never runs out. One of the many pro’s about connecting with Augusta Precious Metals Services is their price match policy. As an Augusta Precious Metals customer the company prides itself on their price-match guarantee practice on all bullion, silver and gold coins. During times of economic uncertainty, market volatility and inflation rates staying current on gold and silver coins news is key. With access to a huge selection of gold and silver coins, Augusta Precious Metals will keep you informed on current market rates and investing strategies.

The company also prepares a free portfolio review for each customer. This a great opportunity for customers to get an accurate and objective perspective on their retirement savings portfolio and a comprehensive financial plan from a fiduciary. This service alone is noteworthy and important to take advantage of for your long term financial success. Apart from having a great customer service relationship the company does the majority of the paperwork during the process of opening an IRA.

The type of precious metal IRA that Augusta Precious Metals offers is a tax-advantaged individual retirement account. This specific type of account invests in precious metals rather than the traditional stocks offered. In today’s financial climate investing in IRA’s versus other investments can be quite tricky. Despite price fluctuations Augusta Precious Metals can help you obtain financial protection in retirement. It is important to understand that while some bonds can default and paper stock can decrease in value and go down to zero, the precious metal IRA will always be worth something while holding on to its financial merit.

The steps to opening up an IRA is a very simple process with Augusta Precious Metals. The award winning company will provide exceptional customer service during your financial retirement transactions. Augusta Precious Metals services will assist you during your transfer, rollover or initial contribution to your new IRA a straightforward and effortless experience.

Apart from excellent overall ratings and cost effective options for customers, there are some cons with retirement IRA’s. The company provides gold and silver cash purchases, gold and silver IRA’s and lifetime customer support. However, there are some con’s. With an exceptional array of gold and silver coins, Augusta Precious Metals does not currently offer platinum or palladium bullion. The company also has a two week timeframe to process, fund, and execute an order in the tax-advantage IRA.

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews & 3rd Party Ratings

Retirement living just got easier with Augusta Precious Metals Services. Prioritizing your retirement savings with the right IRA will make your retirement years a joy. Augusta Precious Metals Reviews & 3rd Party Ratings include reputable sources like Joe Montana Hall of Fame Quarterback and receiving an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Augusta Precious Metals services is not only an award winning company but has proven its 4.9/5 average review rating with the BBB. With trained financial professionals at Augusta Precious Metals, having alternative investments is a very important component to diversifying your personalized investment portfolio and meeting your retirement goals. There are many different ways to get started with the company.

How to Get Started with Augusta Precious Metals

Saving for your retirement requires careful planning which makes it easier to cope with an uncertain future. Therefore, thinking of Augusta Precious Metals like your premier gold IRA partner is a great start. You and your partner have a business relationship where the objective is providing total transparency and one on one lifetime customer support. Apart from the many services that are provided by the company, their core values is what it prides itself on which makes them incomparable. Education and empowerment go hand in hand when you are in search of a company to help you balance your retirement savings.

The premier gold IRA company has many different ways to contact them. You can call them at 1-800-700-1008 and speak with a live agent or receive a free guide. When you are a customer of Augusta Precious Metals you will be assigned a specific sales agent. Within the company there is an economic analytics department to identify threats to your savings. As communication is key, keeping all Augusta Precious Metals customers up to date via web chats, phone calls and other internet savvy tools is yet another win-win strategy for both parties. This department keeps their eyes on the prize. Remember the prize is you and your retirement savings. The IRA guide will also contain topics like market alerts, retirement investing tips, why invest in gold and silver in the first place and ways to customize your retirement protection kit.

To discuss your start up IRS approved IRA options with Augusta Precious Metals Services simply contact a financial service administartor at 1-800-700-1008 or access the free website at

Augusta Precious Metals Departments include:

  • IRS processing department
  • Portfolio Support
  • Order desk Assistance

All your common questions about the company along with the benefits of IRA’s that are offered is a great first step to deciding if the company is a good fit for your retirement savings. These contact tools will help you with your retirement questions and the planning ideas. The financial service representatives will provide you with accurate and relatable information pertaining to the Augusta Precious Metals services. Augusta Precious Metals retirement service advisors will also provide a personalized experience with long term solutions. The one-to-one relationship is like no other both personally and financially.

Augusta Precious Metals Fees & Minimum Investment & Fees

Minimum Investment & Fees

The financial role that Augusta Precious Metals Services will play in your retirement savings will depend upon your understanding of the IRA options offered and fees. Here is a quick summary of fees that Augusta Precious Metals collects. Depending on your investment amount, Augusta Precious Metals waives fees due to their current promotions. This is a very great incentive for the customer as it can be a deciding factor and a comparable component while analyzing other competitors.

The minimum investment is $50,000 and annual fees are $180.00. A non- IRA investment minimum is $50,000 and $100 annual fee. A $50 fee is acquired to set up your account. Other fees include $80 custodian maintenance and $100 annual depository storage fee. Although this is just a summary of their fees as their minimum investment amount, requesting their free gold guide is highly recommended for further detailed information. The impact of financial longevity is understanding and planning for these costs.

It’s time to start investing in your future the APM way. With Augusta Precious Metals services insured depositories you will have access to conveniently located throughout the US and Canada. Seeing your purchased metals, exceptional customer service while receiving customized pricing, remarkable reliability and the ease of purchase is just a piece of the monetary pie APM has to offer.

An exceptional customer service sales team member is awaiting your phone call. Your retirement savings never looked better at Augusta Precious Metals. Let the premier gold IRA company take your money to the next level by diversifying your wealth. Your essential retirement guide starts with Augusta Precious Metals Services. Again, if you are still deciding which company will be a good fit for both you and your retirement savings, request your free gold guide today. This guide will be the best guide to learn about Augusta Precious Metals services.

In conclusion, let your newly found gold IRA partner offer you multiple retirement solutions while protecting your retirement savings. You will be guided through the process and rest assured that your investment will be in the hands of tested highly trained financial experts. When both you and Augusta Precious Metals services are in control of your retirement savings you will save more, worry less, experience financial bliss all while investing for longevity.

Noble Gold

Noble Gold Reviews

What is Noble Gold Investments?

Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren established Noble Gold in 2017 in Pasadena, California. Not only were these two men lifelong friends, but as financial service specialists, they were veterans of the industry as well. They wanted to found a unique precious metals company, ensure the satisfaction of every client and provide the education these individuals needed to make an educated decision.  Noble Gold is a full-service company specializing in precious metals IRA with a dedication to transparency .

The company was established after the founders noticed how much profiteering existed in the industry along with a notable lack of transparency. They made the decision to change all of this.  Noble Gold does not make any attempt to push potential clients into purchasing their services or products . This is because the company takes pride in friendliness, honesty and its in-depth knowledge regarding preserving wealth with precious metals.

The company believes investors need an investing strategy for the long-term and a balanced portfolio as opposed to attempting to time the market. This is what the firm helps its clients with. We have no doubts the company was founded on the principle of placing the needs of clients first. There is also no doubt the majority of the industry is more focused on their own self-interests than its clients. We had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Plume in 2020 and were impressed with his excitement and honesty.

If you are interested in using precious metals for the diversification of your retirement portfolio, we highly recommend Noble Gold. There are a lot of companies offering precious metals IRAs and we understand selecting the right one for your needs can be difficult.  As an investor, you need a company that is safe, trustworthy and reliable . Noble Gold provides you with expert advisors, transparency and an exceptional educational process.

You will receive the assistance you need to make the right decision about your investments. Once you have developed a relationship with the firm, you will feel good about your investments because the basis is trust, honesty and respect. The team understands the critical importance of owning valuable precious metals. This is especially true when the economy is unstable. The goal of the company is to explain the value behind precious metals.

You worked hard for the money you possess and understanding how to safeguard your wealth is of vital importance. In this article, we explain the entire process. We want you to understand why we have so much respect for Noble Gold.

Noble Gold Basics

  • Minimum investment is $5,000
  • Annual fees are $230
  • Offers a high-quality buyback program
  • Royal Survivor packs
  • Offers five ounces of free silver as a special
  • Offers both Silver and Gold IRAs
  • The process is straight forward and simple
  • Better Business Bureau rating is A+
  • Average TrustLink review is five stars
  • Accredited by Consumer Affairs
  • Excellent customer satisfaction and education
  • Exceptional client reviews
  • 4.5 out of five overall RI rating


  • You receive guidance throughout the entire process from experienced advisors
  •  Pictures of your precious metals are available
  • Advisors are always available if you have any questions
  • New investors receive the education required to make an informed decision
  • Minimum investment required is very low


  • Noble Gold was not established until 2017, but the founders have over 25 years of experience in investing
  • Only national storage is available

Why Should I Consider Investing with Noble Gold?

There are many good reasons to invest with this company. The top reasons are listed below.

  • The advisors are approachable and offer clients top priority
  • Noble Gold offers the best value for precious metal bars and coins
  • You can call the company toll-free
  • Only 24 hours are necessary to set up your account
  • Investors receive a free kit
  • Precious metals are delivered quickly
  • You start saving money immediately because all fees for your first year are waived
  • The team has more than 25 years of experience in investing
  • The setup process is simple and only requires five minutes of your valuable time
  • An IRA application is available online
  • Noble Gold provides clients with top-notch service
  • You work at your comfort level and at your desired speed
  • Your IRA transfer is completed within 48 hours

Numerous financial advisors, fiduciary professionals, CPAs and planning attorneys recommend Noble Gold to their clients. This is a high compliment to the comprehensive approach the company has regarding assisting investors. Noble Gold is unique for a wide range of reasons including compassionate and specialized guidance for all clients. We realize there are a lot of first-time investors interested in precious metals IRAs.

If you are feeling somewhat anxious about making an investment, it is completely normal. Almost every new investor has specific concerns. This is the reason Noble Gold provides you with expert advisors to walk you through the complete process. You will be encouraged to work at the speed you prefer as opposed to being rushed.  Since 2005, the founders of the company have invested over $200 million because they strongly believe in the value of precious metals .

When combined, the founders have in excess of 25 years of experience in the industry. Since the company was established, their reputation has continued to grow. CPAs, estate development attorneys and fiscal agents often refer clients requesting absolute trust to Noble Gold. The firm has also developed a reputation for exceptional client satisfaction and customer support. The firm works hard to maintain current and widespread knowledge, straightforward guidelines and stress-free signups.

All you need to do to understand the faith clients have in Noble Gold is to read some of the reviews. There is one specific review we want to highlight because the client clearly states the company was always available to answer questions and provide all of the reassurance necessary.

The Guides Provided by Noble Gold

The Guides Provided by Noble Gold

The company provides clients with important guides containing invaluable information. The Gold and Silver Guide includes:

  • What is a Gold IRA?
  • Importance of a Gold IRA
  • Reasons to purchase a Gold IRA
  • Why Noble Gold Investments is the best choice

Fees and Policies for Noble Gold IRAs

Fees and Policies for Noble Gold IRAs

Noble Gold has stated the needs of its clients are prioritized first from the very beginning. Once we saw the Ira fees charged by the company, we knew this was a true statement. Whether you are trying to safeguard an approaching retirement or are interested in buying precious metals, the fee structure is better than the industry average.  You only pay an annual fee of $80 to have an account with Noble Gold. The annual storage fee is $150 including insurance .

Your storage fee also includes storing your metals separately from other precious metals investors. The type of investment you choose will dictate your custodial fees. When you call the company, the team will discuss all custodial fees with you openly and honestly. Every month there is a different bonus gift offered as a welcome. This month you receive five ounces of silver absolutely free.

The delivery is the fastest we have ever seen. You are guaranteed your precious metals will be protected within five days by a certified Gold IRA pool. IRA properties are preserved through a detailed inventory.

Precious Metal Products Available from Noble Gold

Gold and Silver IRAs:

These IRAs offer you a hedge against economic downturn and inflation. This is an excellent option to protect your investment for your retirement.

Royal Survival Pack:

Your pack will contain the most widely accepted and common coins specially selected by Noble Gold. If the need arises, your coins can be liquidated quickly.

Collectors Coins:

You will receive extremely valuable, limited edition coins enabling you to both invest and own a piece of history.

Six Top Reasons to Choose Noble Gold

  • No excessive sales tactics or stress
  • Your fees will be waived for the first year of your retirement account
  • You can open an account in 24 hours through a fast electronic business system
  • Storage facility is located in Texas
  • Your precious metals are shipped quickly
  • Your account is fulfilled instantly with the delivery of your precious metals in seven days

You can visit Noble Gold at We recommend taking the time to look through the entire site and download your gold investment guide for free. To determine if Noble Gold is the right choice for your needs, we encourage you to contact the company.

Noble Gold FAQs

Q: Is Noble Gold a Legitimate Company?

A: Yes, the company is 100 percent legitimate. Noble Gold offers you over 20 years of shared experience in the industry of gold investments. The firm also offers you extremely high-quality customer service in addition to an excellent selection of options to invest in a Gold IRA. You will be pleased with the speed of setting up an account. Noble Gold is the perfect option for gold investors.

Q: Is a Gold IRA Considered a Good Investment?

A: If you are interested in protecting your assets in the event of a downturn, a Gold IRA is an extremely good investment. Keep in mind you will pay higher fees with a Gold IRA than with a typical Roth IRA, but your IRA is most likely a safe haven when mutual funds, stocks and bonds go down.

Q: Who are the Owners of Noble Gold?

A: The full name of the company is Noble Gold Investments. The founding partners are Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren. The company is located in Pasadena, California.

Q: Are There Any Investments Better Than Gold?

A: Yes, silver is a better investment than gold. You need to know both silver and gold must both be stored and transported. The only way you can obtain cash is by selling your silver or gold. If you are looking for a better option, consider purchasing silver and gold mining stocks. In addition to not having to store your precious metals, you will also be earning dividends. You will earn consistent pay as opposed to only when you sell.

Q: What are the Survival Packs Offered by Noble Gold Investments?

A: The purpose of the survival packs is to ensure you remain safe. If you take a moment to read the official website, you will see a statement informing investors that it is not about making an investment in precious metals but about survival. If the banks collapse, your money will be worthless. At this time you will require something to exchange for the goods you need. This is when survival packs become important.

The survival packs available through Noble Gold contain the most popular and well-known precious metals and gold including bars and coins. In most instances, the bars and coins are silver and gold coins. Generally speaking, palladium and platinum coins are not included in the survival pack because they are much more difficult to exchange.

Q: Where is Contact Information for Noble Gold Located?

A: The address for Noble Gold is 1 S. Fair Oaks, Suite 207, Pasadena, California, 90015. You can also contact the company by calling (877)646-5347.

Q: Are the Reviews for Noble Gold Investments Good?

A: The reviews for the company are almost perfect. The majority of companies give Noble Gold a rating of 4.95 or five stars. In the precious metals industry within the United States, five-star ratings are extremely rare. Noble Gold earned its five-star rating through customer service alone.

Q: What Benefits Does Noble Gold Offer for Gold IRAs?

A: One of the most popular benefits is the ease and simplicity of the rollover process. Noble Gold also has a buyback program available. In most instances, you should receive all of the information you need in the Noble Gold guide. We recommend doing business with a full-service company guiding you through the process from beginning to end. You should carefully consider any investment including a retirement account. Noble Gold is one of the best providers of precious metals and silver IRAs.

Q: What is the Best Gold Offer from Noble Gold?

A: The best offer from the company is for new clients because you can receive a bonus of five ounces of free silver. Noble Gold offers investments for the long-term. Eventually, the stock market is going to go down. Unfortunately, your retirement account can be affected at this time. One of the best ways to ensure your safety is with an IRA precious metal or Gold account.

Noble Gold uses a storage facility in Texas because it is the best option to store both precious metals and gold. You can include both gold bullion and gold coins in your account with the company.

Q: What Options are Available with a Precious Metals IRA from Nible Gold?

A: Noble Gold offers you several options for a precious metals IRA including a Gold or Silver IRA. Once you decide a precious metals IRA is the right choice for your needs, you can choose palladium and platinum, collectible coins or silver coins. If you choose collectible coins, we want you to understand these types of coins come with a risk of overpayment. The coins may never reach a value higher than what you paid. No matter what you choose, you will receive exceptional customer service.

Q: What types of Precious Metals Investments are Offered to the Public Through Noble Gold?

A: If you decide investing with Noble Gold is the right choice, you have a wide variety of precious metals from which to choose. You can select collectible coins or a silver IRA. The company also offers several different options for investing in silver or gold. In terms of precious metals, Noble Gold Investments is one of the best companies you can choose. Your rollover process is simple and fast.

Once you make an investment, you have access to a great buyback program with no hassles. You can use this program to sell back any precious metals or gold you have purchased at any time. The peace of mind you receive is important. The customer reviews are exceptional for the industry and the company is always working on improving client satisfaction even further.

Q: Has the Better Business Bureau Accredited Noble Gold Investments?

A: Yes, the company has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Their rating with the BBB is A+ and one of the highest available. For the long-term, you can count on Noble Gold for reliability. The reputation of the company has spread all over the world. If you are looking for a great investment tool, you will not find anything better than a Gold IRA containing gold bars and coins.

If you are more interested in investing in physical silver or gold, Noble Gold is the best option. Every IRA investor appreciates the storage provided by the company.

The Bottom Line

One of the main reasons customers are satisfied is due to the exceptional support provided by Noble Gold. The nearly perfect rating enables the company to attract and maintain satisfied customers. All of the reviews and ratings are authentic. Noble Gold maintains its mission to place the needs of clients first.